The Wet Nose Project

Our Mission

We are committed to helping the most needy among our community's most vulnerable creatures.  We are dedicated to restoring an animals spirit, health, and well being, so that they may find a loving home for the rest of their days.

Our Story

We are volunteers trying to save the lives of animals in need.  Every day we receive messages about an animal who has been dumped, starved, abused, and more.  On one particular night, Tracy received a call about a pregnant dog in labor lying in a ditch.  By the time Tracy was able to find her, the puppies were all dead.  She and her friend Kathy drove as fast as they could to get the mama dog help.  Tracy sat in the backseat rubbing mama dog's forehead, promising her that she was safe.  All Tracy and Kathy could think about was how were they going to pay for her medical care.  Unfortunately, mama passed away before they got to the Animal Hospital. On that evening, The Wet Nose Project was born.  

Our Programs

Rescue Support


Financially supporting rescues who have rescued sick, abused, and injured animals by paying for their medical needs, food, supplies.  We are dedicated to giving them their second chance at a wonderful life.

Support Dogs for Those in Need


Training rescue dogs who would otherwise be euthanized and pairing them with veterans, as well as others in need of a companion/emotional support dog.

Carly's Hospice Home


We have a dream to provide a home for terminally ill shelter dogs so that they feel love at the end of their lives.